Cards personalization

Personalization stands for recording the data about card holder and other data depending on the card’s use. Various printing and personalization techniques can be selected, depending on the quantities, area of use and thus the required level of protection. Beside the text, photos, signatures of card holders, barcodes and QR codes can be printed on the card, while at the same time allowing chip and magnetic stripe encoding.
Using our personalization center capabilities, we perform laser personalization, card embossing, retransfer or thermal sublimation printing. As a part of our well-rounded offer we also provide automated card enveloping and dispatching the consignments to a post office, with which the process is concluded.

Laser personalization and chip encoding

By providing the highest level of protection and stability of the data, laser card personalization is preferred choice for identification documents, banking cards, EMV and other payment cards. When printing personalized photos is requested (eg. Identity cards), highly sustainable polycarbonate (PC) cards are recommended, which provide proper material basis for high quality engraving photos.
Laser personalization technology enables:

  • Combined chip encoding, magnetic stripe and laser recording of data
  • Smartcards personalization
  • Encoding of contact or contactless chips
  • Laser printing photos
  • Laser printing of cardholder’s signature, barcode, etc.
  • The possibility of personalization PVC and PC (polycarbonate) cards
  • Processing transparent cards

Card embossing

Relief/embossed data recording on cards, most frequently used for the personalization of bank credit cards, using black, gold or silver as most usual colors.

Thermal retransfer printing of cards

Printers allow high-quality one-sided or two-sided edge-to-edge card printing and color photo printing, as well as printing of other data of card user, barcode and QR code printing, chip and magstripe encoding. Thermal retransfer printing technique is most appropriate for printing and personalization of smaller quantity of cards. It is an ideal option for membership cards, RFID cards, contact-less cards for work time registration and access into buildings, for loyalty cards, membership cards, school and student cards, etc.

Card enveloping

Using recent technology, we are able to provide automatic card enveloping and card shipment according to the demands and specifications of Pošta Slovenije. The service comprises envelope printing, printing of the address directly on the letter, sticking cards to the letter, folding and inserting letters into envelopes. Various promotional materials can also be inserted into envelopes.

(Slovenščina) Elektronski zajem in obdelava podatkov

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Other products and services

Hologram is the element with changing optical images and can be an attractive way of strengthening brand identity, while at the same time preventing counterfeiting. There are various techniques available to customise the hologram according to customer’s requests. The holograms can be produced in the form of hot stamping foil, self-adhesive labels or other project-specific formats.
Self-adhesive hologram labels are frequently used with the student and membership cards, for the purpose of identification or renewal of membership.

For additional protection and card durability, we recommend the use of card cases, which are available as hard or soft plastic in different colors, with the possibility of additional print of logo and/or name.
Card cases
In addition, lanyards of different material and various widths are available, in one-color or printed with color logos and names. Safety pins, yo-yo pendants and variety of card grippers are further available.
Card Readers
We offer quality and powerful card readers from different manufacturers. Depending on the business model, you can choose between variety of RFID readers, including contact-chip and contactless card readers, barcode and magnetic stripe card readers.
Software solutions
Joining forces with our partner companies we offer consulting, implementation and management,of integrated solutions for a variety of card schemes and loyalty programs.